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Cnc laser cutter requirement of installation

Cnc laser cutter requirement of installation
a), Cnc laser cutter water chiller suitable for installation in indoor, ambient temperature 5 ℃ to 35 ℃, relative humidity less than 80% (non-condensing);
b), Water chiller to be installed on solid level surface, should be as close as possible to the body, should be at least 1.4 meters away from the heat source;
c), In order to prevent voltage drops, the cnc laser cutter water chiller should be as close to the power supply board, we do not recommend the combination power extension cord, ensure the power outlet and ground properly connected and ensure that the voltage and frequency match with the label indicated on chiller rear ;
d),Water chiller cooling fan exhaust heat outside the machine is about 1.4 times the rated cooling capacity,so the chiller should not surrounded wall, hot air discharge side to stay out more than 0.8m spacing, interior should be adequately ventilated.



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