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Dekcel Handheld Pneumatic Dot Peen Portable Metal Marking Machine

DEKCEL pneumatic dot peen marking machines (also call pin marking machine stylus marker), which integrate computer, automatic control and precise machinery It is an industrial marking equipment which can make logo (characters, letters, VIN code, serial numbers, date and graph) on work piece (metal no-metal materials) permanently

Dekcel Handheld Pneumatic Dot Peen Portable Metal Marking Machine
dekcel pneumatic portable metal marking machine

DEKCELCNC series dot peen marking machine is the pneumatic marking machine,.It works by compressed air. It can mark signs, characters and pictures on various kinds of hard materials such as mental and plastic. It featured with distinct and beautiful effect, editable contents, adjustable sign size,depth, and high speed
dekcel portable pneumatic dot peen  metal marking machines

Advantage for dot pin marking machine marking head 

1. This machine takes complete LCD control system, integrates PC, display, and control system into one unit, no need to connect computer, with smaller size which can save space, easier to operate and high efficiency.
2. The processed letters, words, or graphics can be saved in a U disk, then input to the machine, and the machine can work offline without computer, more convenient to operate and working efficiency much enhanced.
3. Handheld on-site marking for large equipment,heavy workpiece,such as largepipes,frame,etc.
4. The software is with powerful edit function, can layout any kind of characters and graphics, and is compatible with AutoCAD software.
5. It can mark any logo (character, letter and graph, data code, series number, VIN code, engine numbers) automatically, support logos and graphs designed in DXF format from AutoCAD, CorelDraw, and multi-kinds font such as MG Font, SHX Font in Auto CAD, CHR in Borland, and TTF in Windows.
6. Easy to maintenance, widely adaptability, can work in any environment, widely used in many fields.
dekcel portable pneumatic metal marking machines

Pneumatic Marking Machine Technical Parameter

Type Number


Marking Range

20mm×120mm (Size can be 
customized according to the user)

Marking speed range:

10~100 words/min (characters)

Marking depth range

0.05 ~ 1.0mm (according to materials )

Compressed air pressure


System functions

1.Character input, editing, marking

2.VIN code automatically calculated, 
set, marking

3.Serial number setting, automatically 
increase, marking

4.Tag data query, reporting, print

5.Characters, graphics, Chinese character editing

Marked Font size

Arbitrary adjustable

Tag character content

0 ~ 9 figures, A ~ Z large, lowercase letters Graphics,
 characters (users can be random homemade)

Operating voltage

Control cabinet ~ 220V 50Hz ± 10%

Machine power:


Work Environment

Temperature: 5 ~ +35 C ° Humidity: ≤ 80% room



Insulation resistance:Normal atmospheric 

Electric strength: 50Hz1500V 1min

Leakage Current


Dot peen pneumatic marking machine Marking contents
2D Matrix code marking,Time & Date Marking,ID and Serial Numbers Marking,Direct Part Marking (DPM),Lot numbers, Arabic numerals, Common symbols, Chinese character, English letters,graphic ,Roman alphabets,VIN codes,Automatic date printing ,automatic production Numbers and other designated languages on any metal material.

Hnadheld Pneumatic Marking Machine Application
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