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Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

DEKCEL CNC®Best Price 20W 30W Cnc Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Logo, Brand

Dekcel 100*100mm cnc fiber laser marker of 20w 30w marking plastic metal ring aluminum plate Fabric shoe ceramic cup botttle cap production date etc

20W 30W 100*100mm Fiber Laser Marker Metal Nonmetal 

fiber laser marker20w

20W Fiber laser marker features

1 Fiber laser marking machine has a high electro-optic conversion efficiency, with good beam quality and high stability &reliability
2 High precision machining . Precise positioning with the three- dimensional workbench. 
3 High anti-falsification.
4 Perfect marking effect, optimize the engraving effect according to the demand of customers from different industries.
5 The laser generator has a long working time with high reliability, its lifetime is more than 100000 hours, and it is of maintenance – free and consumable free.
6 Small volume, light weight.
7 Air cooled completely, do not need water cooling machine, reduce energy consumption.

Detail show of 20w 30w fiber laser marker

mmain components of fiber laser marking machine
dekcel 20w fiber  laser.jpg
dekcel 20w 30w fiber laser.jpg
JPT MOPA fiber laser generator.jpg

Technology Parameters of 20w fiber laser marker metal nonmetal

Laser Source Fiber Laser
Output Power 50W/30w/20w/10w
Wavelength 1060nm
Beam Quality <2
Repeat Frequency 10khz--- 100khz
Pulse Energy 2mJ
Beam Divergence -0.3 to +0.3mrad
Laser Class IV
Resolution 18μ
Repeatablility 50μ
Marking Scope 110mmx 110mm/ 200*200/300*300 (optional)
Linear Speed 800 character/ s
Marking Linear Speed ≤12,000mm/s
Marking Depth Max. 1.0- 1.5mm (hard steel)
Min. Line Width 0.012mm
Min. Character Size 0.15mm
Repeat Accuracy ±0.003mm
Input Power 0.5kw
Electrical Source 110v/220V / S

Applicable industries:
Integrated circuits, Hardware tools, Medical instruments,Craft gifts, Clocks and glasses,Jewelry, Clothing industry, Plastic products,Communication products, Electronic components,Building materials, Auto parts, Nameplates etc
Suitable for marking all metal materials and most of non-metal materials.
Electronic and communication products, electric lines,IC products,cable computer components and electric appliances.Riggings, automobile and motorcycle parts,instrumentation, nameplates, aerospace,hardware machinery, medical instruments,military products,measuring and cutting tools. Jewelry,instruments,garments, glasses,gifts, office devices, brand scutcheon, sanitary ware appliances and other workpieces.
The packages for dishware, food, drinking, smoking and alcohol, etc.

Sample show

fiber laser marking metal nonmetal.jpg
fiber laser marking production date.jpg

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