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Laser Engraving Wood
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Laser Engraving Wood

Low price co2 laser glass leather wood engraving machine China manufacturer

This new design of co2 cnc laser engraving cutting machine with blade and honeycomb table can meet your more requirements This laser machine with double table is not only suitable for process soft materials, such as paper, leather, rubber, foam, but also suitable for process hard materials, such wood glass, stone, acrylic and so on

Low price co2 laser glass leather wood engraving machine China manufacturer
Cnc laser nonmetal engraving machine with blade and honeycomb double table:
low price laser cutting machine
Advantages of Reci 80W laser wood leather glass engraving machine price:
1. We are laser engraving cutting machine manufactures, lowest price with high quality.
2. RD control system, professional motion control chip, consecutive high-speed curve cutting and the shortest path selection function improve the working efficiency a lot.
3. High-speed USB offline control system on this series of machine, framework integrally designed, working stably, economical and practical type machine widely used.
4. Equipped with imported mirrors, lens, prolong the service life.
5. Integrate water-protection system, ensures the service life of laser tube efficiency.
6. Software completely compatible with AutoCAD.CoreDRAW etc. CAD. CAM and various photo processing software.
7. Machine structure human nature design, easy maintenance and repair.
8. CE certificate.
Details of double table laser engraving machine for nonmetal:
Parameters of wood carfts glass engraving machine sale:




working area


working table


knife blade and honeycomb double table

laser type


CO2 sealed laser tube, water-cooling

laser power


60W(other 80w/100w//150w/280woptional)


laser head 



Engraving speed



Cutting speed



Resetting positioning accuracy

less than 0.01


Mini forming character

English 1*1mm, Chinese 1.5*1.5mm


Power supply

220±10% 50Hz

Software supported


Artcut, Photoshop, Coreldraw, AutoCAD

Main graphic format supported



Running environment


Temperature:0-45 degree, Humidity:5%-95%



one year, laser tube for 6 months

Samples of cnc wood MDf acrylic paper laser engraving machine low price:
Applicable material:
Glass, organic glass , leather, cloth, acrylic, wood ,MDF, PVC, Plywood, stainless steel, Maple leaf, double-color sheet, bamboo, Plexiglas, paper, leather, marble, ceramics, etc
Applicable industry:
1. Engraving beautiful patterns and words such as wood, bamboo, Ivory, bone, leather, marble, shell.
2. Packing Industry: Engraving and printing rubber plate,plastic plate, double board,die cut plate,etc.
3. Model industry: production of construction sand table model and aircraft model, etc. ABC plate cutting, MLB cutting.
4. Leather clothing processing industry: can engraving and cutting complex patterns on genuine leather, synthetic leather, leather, woolens, clothing, furnishings, glove, handbag, shoes, hats toys.
5. Other industry: engrave on marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials, cut paper, card.
6. Product Identification Industry: Security marking products, etc.
So if you are interested in our cnc laser nonmetal engraving cutting machine, or have any question about the cnc laser machine, please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.



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