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daily maintenance for cnc laser marking engraving machine

Cnc laser marking machine is the leader of laser equipment industry,it has wide applications and maybe a little expensive,then the daily maintenance is becoming much more important
  Applications of cnc laser marking machine:
  When confronted with fierce competition from home and abroad,many companies are trying to integrate resources,reduce production costs,in order to improve the competitiveness of products.Excellent cnc laser marking machines crop up,greatly improve the product quality and develop the development potential of enterprises.Cnc laser marker is widely applied in packaging and printing,textile and garment,cloth,leather gifts,advertising decoration,hardware mould,sanitation and other industries and fields,enjoying the majority of users’praise and trust,becoming the leader of laser equipment industry,continuously promote the development of national laser industry.
Laser marker machine daily maintenance notes:
cnc laser marker daily maintenance
1.Cooling water must be pure,non sticky,often replaced,it is better to use distilled water;
2.Keep the worktable clean and tidy;
3.Keep the scanning table's guide rail clean and remove dust regularly with soft brush;
4.When the sliding rod isn't running smoothly, you can apply some lubricating oil on the axle;
5.The field lens and galvanometer should be regularly wiped with alcohol and cotton;
6.The cover of the power is better to be locked,in case the metal falling into it and damage the circuit.

In a word,cnc laser marking engraving machine can mark patterns,text,trademarks on the surface of a variety of substances leaving permanent markers,laser beam with high quality,less consumptions,which is currently 
the most advanced cnc marking machine,wining the deep love of all walks of manufacturers.



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