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DEKCEL 20w portable fiber co2 laser marking cnc machine for sale

In recent years, notebook computers, digital cameras, cars, appliances, lightweight portable equipment has become the development trend of many industries The laser marking machine is no exception

DEKCEL 20w portable fiber co2 laser marking cnc machine for sale

Along with the development of cnc laser marking technology, the laser marker cnc machine is used more widely. But the traditional cnc laser marking machine because of its large volume, high cost, the operator has a strict technical requirements. The cnc laser marker is difficult to satisfy the requirements for users. So, the portable marking cnc machine came into being.

In view of this kind of demand, the China Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company has developed a series of characteristic products. The small laser marking cnc is simple, compact, flexible and convenient, and the performance is also good.

Handel marking laser machine is compact and flexible. The portable marking cnc is easy to use. The laser marking machine is very convenient to mark when working and it is free from space restriction.
handel 20w laser marking cnc

Portable cnc laser marking. "sparrow is small, it is well equipped," the small metal marking machine has high speed, high quality and high performance of good quality laser marking machine.
portable co2 laser marker

20w nonmetal metal marking cnc machine for marking auto parts and automobile labels
Each manufacturer has unique information symbols on the nameplate, such as type, specification, production batch, date of production and other information. At the same time, but also the need for different number of tens of thousands of metal nameplate distinction in mass production. Each product has its own unique identity encoding, and the use of China cnc laser marker machine, all of this is no longer a problem. The marking surface produced by the traditional marking method is coarser, and the high speed marking cnc machine can avoid such defects, and the laser marking has good contrast, smooth surface and high precision, and makes the product look better.

In all kinds of electronic components, laser marking is also a lot of demand. The mobile phone charger as an example, there will be dense text and digital charger, usually including the brand, CE logo, 3C certification marks, types, input and output indicators.This information represents accessories through certification of qualified products, but also provide the basic information for consumer products. The text, in such a small area marking on digital pattern information, laser marking machine has been using, because of its good beam quality, very suitable for fine marking, marking information clear and permanent can not be erased, the effect of marking is more beautiful.

From the application is not difficult to see, whether for metal or nonmetal materials, the cnc laser marking machine can be marking perfectly. 

If you are interested in our laser marking machine, or have any question. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.  



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