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3D cnc laser marking machine 20w for nonmetal metal materials

In order to meet the requirement of the manufacture, the Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment has developed 3d laser marking cnc machine The 3d products are used widely in our life And the laser marking machine is popular with the customers more and more

3D cnc laser marking machine 20w for nonmetal metal materials

Laser marking machining has become an important processing method in modern processing industry. This kind of fast, efficient and green environmental protection processing method has been favored by more and more customers. In a code tag field, the traditional two-dimensional cnc laser marking machine has been widely used in all kinds of plane marking products, but with the development of the industry, the demand of 3D surface processing, the traditional two-dimensional laser marker machine is difficult to meet the processing needs of this. So the 3D laser marking machine came into.

3D laser marker cnc is a great leap in the field of laser marking, and the processing object surface shape is no longer confined to the plane. It can be extended to the three-dimensional surface of 3D object, efficient laser image marking and surface micro structure manufacturing. Compared with the traditional two-dimensional 20w cnc laser marker, 3D laser marking machine has the following advantages:

1. Since 3D marking can rapidly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, it is possible for the surface marking that 2D marking can not achieve in the past. After using 3d marking, the cylindrical marking in the range of light projection can be completed at one time, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Moreover, the surface shapes of many parts of industrial products are not only planes, but they can do nothing for 2D marking. At this point, 3D marking is easier to implement.

2. More suitable for deep carving.
The traditional 2D marking on the surface of deep carving has inherent defects, with the focus of laser engraving process shift, laser energy in the role of the object of the actual surface will drop sharply, seriously affecting the efficiency and effect of deep carving.
3D marking machine for metal nonmetal materials for deep carving process. There is no such problem, the 20w laser marking machine not only ensures the effect, but also improves efficiency.
3D laser marker cnc machine for laser marking processing, enhance the scope of application of technology, expanding the demand for surface marking.

3. Greater scope and finer light effects.
3D marking cnc can be divided into front focusing and back focusing. The former focusing mode, the main purpose is to achieve a greater range of marking, the general use of the larger X, Y axis deflection lens. The laser spot can allow incident bigger, and get a smaller focused spot, higher energy density and meet greater regional compliance requirements.

The Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company is supplied of hundreds of 3D surface laser marking machine. The 3d laser marking cnc focus on mobile phone manufacturing, metal mold, crafts and other industries 3D surface laser marking. If you are interested in our cnc laser marking metal nonmetal machine, or have any question about the laser machine. Please contact us. We are support service 24 hours online.

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