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The function and characteristics of cnc laser marking machine

The laser marking machine of Jinan Dekcel cnc Equipment Company has many kinds For example, according to your requirement, we can provide 10w, 20w, 30w laser marker cnc for your work In addition, our company has also portable and desktop laser marking machine for your choose

The function and characteristics of cnc laser marking machine

In recent years, laser technology continues to progress and development, and the laser technology and equipment has also been varying degrees of improvement. The cnc laser marking machine is popular in most laser technology and equipment. The cheap laser marker cnc is used for marking.
The 20w laser marking machine sale is the meaning of a sign with mark function. That explains what the things belonging, product manufacturer, type, grade, class, quality products and some other related information. 30w laser marking machines use laser beams to mark on a wide variety of surfaces permanently.
The characteristics of laser marking machine mainly include:
1. most metals and non-metallic materials can be processed.
2. the laser beam is very thin, so that the material consumed by the processing is very small.
3. when processing, the portable cnc laser marking machine does not like the electron beam bombardment and so on processing method produces the X ray, also cannot be affected by the electric field and the magnetic field disturbance.
4. the use of precision work table, fine machining.
5. the operation of desktop laser cnc marker is simple, using microcomputer numerical control technology can realize automatic processing.
6. mark the bar code, numbers, characters, patterns and other signs you want.

30w portable laser marking machine sale

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