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The application of laser marking machine -- co2 laser marking machine

With the diversification of products in the market, playing fields marking machine is used more and more widely in the production in If you look carefully, you will find that all the products in our life may be made by marking machines Here are some examples for you
The application of laser marking machine -- co2 laser marking machine

Dekcel company have different kinds of co2 laser marking machine,with the development of co2  laser marking machine,More and more kinds of laser marking machines,also expanding the application industry.But different co2  laser marking machine application different fields.Well, let me talk about some of these applications: 
co2 laser marking machine
1:CO2  laser marking machine
materials and industries:
Craft gift、furniture、leather clothe、advertising signs、model marking、food packaging、electronic component、medical packaging and so on.Materials are mainly :Bamboo and wood products,papers,clothe and leather,plexiglass,epoxy resin,acrylic,alkyd resin and non-metallic material.

 2、Fiber laser marking machine
Materials and industries:
Fiber laser marking machine is widely used,such as  auto parts、electronic pass、hardware、jewelry、chip manufacturing,light industrial products,
pharmaceutical, food packaging and other industries. It is the necessary equipment to improve efficiency, save energy and pursue quality.

3、UV laser marking machine
  materials and industries:
Mainly used for the ultra fine processing of the high-end market, the surface of the packing bottle cosmetics, medicines, video and other polymer material marking,The effect of fine, marking a clear, strong, better than ink printing and no pollution; flexible PCB plate marking, scribing silicon wafer; microporous LCD liquid crystal glass and blind hole processing; two-dimensional code marking, glassware surface drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, building materials etc.

4、Fiber laser deep engraving machine
   materials and industries:
Suitable all metal materials,it can mark high resolution and very beautiful characters and patterns on electroplated materials, coating materials, spraying materials, plastics, rubber, resins and ceramics.

5、3D laser marking machine
 materials and industries:
Suitable Laser metal or non-metal products of 3D surface marking, widely used in precision machinery, measuring and cutting tools, electrical appliances, electronic components, stereo circuit, 3C electronics, electronic communications, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile phone parts, auto parts, mold, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials and other high precision tube carving products.



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