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Advantages of co2 laser nonmetal marker cnc machine for plastic production

Plastic products has profound influence on our daily life, such as plastic, glass, faucet, mobile phone shell, lamp, plastic decoration, medical plastic and other industries we can see that all have the shadow of plastic But how to make the plastic productions more beautiful? Maybe the co2 cnc laser marker machine can help you

Advantages of co2 laser nonmetal marker cnc machine for plastic production

Now with the rapid development of laser marking, the co2 nonmetal laser marker machine has a broad application in many field. And compared with the traditional processing methods, the co2 plastic laser marker machine is the use of a laser beam with high energy density, local irradiation on the surface of plastic products, and the surface of materials have chemical changes, thus leaving a permanent marker on the surface of plastics.
When you use the co2 cnc laser marker machine for your work, the advantages of 20w cheap laser marker cnc machine has no pollution, high operation precision, fast marking speed, simple operation, and permanent marking effect.

The cnc laser plastic marker machine can mark the plastic productions, when the laser marker cnc machine marking information on the surface of plastic production, that is not only the smooth texture, at the same time, also do not need expensive preparatory work and finishing work. Using the high speed co2 laser marker machine for marking plastic production, as a plastic productions manufacturer, you can also manufacture your productions n large quantities. Laser marking processing method is very flexible, controlled by computer software. The patterns, text and so on can be customized.

co2 laser plastic marker cnc machine sale

About the advantages of the co2 laser nonmetal marker machine, more and more manufacturers are more interested in cnc laser marking machine. Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company has lunched economical laser cnc marker for sale. If you are interested in our co2 laser marker machine for plastic. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.
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