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The application of fine fiber laser marking machine in mobile phone

The mobile phone is used in our daily life widely Almost everyone has one cell phone The mobile phone marked by cnc fiber laser marking machine, it can enhance the anti-counterfeiting, increase the added value, and also make the products look beautiful

The application of fine fiber laser marking machine in mobile phone
As we all know, with the repaid development of laser technology, it is widely used in many different industries, for example mobile phone manufacture industry. What are the advantages of fine fiber laser marking machine for mobile phone? Why mobile phone needs laser marking technology?
Cnc laser marking mobile phone machine can be used for PCB board marking, cell phone shell
punching, earphone and connection data line marking. It has many advantages, such as high efficiency, low cost, small deformation and wide application and so on. Even in the inside of the mobile phone you can't see, there are also parts that high precision fiber laser marking machine can marked.
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