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Development trend of the manipulator robot laser cutting machine

Dekcel 3-Dimensional fiber laser cutting robot is an advanced laser cutting device which processes flexible cutting for metal plates multi-dimensionally and multi-directionally with the adoption of specialized fiber laser cutting head, high precision capacitive tracking system, fiber laser module and industrial robotic system Utilizing the performance of robot’s flexibility and swiftness besides according to different workpiece’s size, it can do three dimensional cutting to irregular workpieces by fiber laser cutting head through formal and inverse installation of robot

manipulator robot metal laser cutting

Although the manipulator is not as flexible as man’s hand,but ,it has some characteristics as below : Constant repetition of work and labor never knew fatigue,unafraid of dangers & risks,the strength of snatching is bigger than human’s hand ect .Therefore,it grains more and more emphasis from relevant authorities and widely used in many fields,such as:
1. Loading and unloading processing parts of machine tool,especially widely used in automatic lathe and combined machine tool 

2. Widely used in assembly work : assembled & printed circuit board

3.In the machinery industry, it can be used to assemble parts

4.It can do some monotonous and easy fatigue works in some bad conditions, to replace or conserve human and especially manual labor

5.Loading & unloading goods in some dangers situation,moving hazardous materials

robot manipulator metal processing

At present, the manipulator is not only applied to traditional manufacturing like Mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding and other fields,at the same time also has started to expand to Nuclear energy, aviation, aerospace, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other high-tech fields and as well as applied in the service field like household cleaning,medical rehabilitation.

maipulator laser cutting sample



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