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Metal YAG laser cutting machine xenon lamp maintenance

Metal YAG laser cutting machine suitable to cut carbon steel and stainess steel, the xenon lamp needs to maintenance well:
Metal YAG laser cutting machine xenon lamp maintenance

1, Keep circulating water clean, the method is change the water frequently,clean the water system.

2, Regular clean UV laser cavity glass and gold layer, keep it clean and bright.
3, Each cleaning process must not get the water on the gold layer, because it easy to destroy the gold layer,influence of light reflection efficiency.
4, Have to learn the basic knowledge of adjust optical path, periodically adjusting optical system, in order to maintain the metal YAG laser cutting machine laser strongest.
5, Regular clean xenon lamp, turn xenon lamp position to ensure xenon lamp maximum luminous efficiency.
6, Reduce the lighting as possible, because lighting the xenon lamp the most obvious injury.



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