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Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Desktop cnc vertical rotary fiber laser marking machine for plastic hot sale

In order to meet the customers’ requirements, the cnc vertical rotary fiber laser marking machine has been lunched This kind of cnc laser marking machine with vertical rotary brings great convenience to customers If you need one, what are you waiting for?

Desktop cnc vertical rotary fiber laser marking machine for plastic hot sale

Fiber laser marking machine introduction: 
DEKCEL cnc fiber laser marking machine is developed and produced by us with the world newest laser technology. Adopting fiber laser output the laser ,then using ultra high-speed scanning galvanometer system to marking. The critical component use long lifetime stable device. It has lots of advantages : novel appearance,unique structure,convenient operation, high modulating frequency, fast marking speed, high precision, stable performance. It can widely used in various metal and non-metallic surface to output the permanent mark.
Desktop fiber laser marking machine with  vertical rotary show:

Main features of good quality fiber laser marking cnc machine:
1. High pulse repeating rate and stable power bring high speed laser marking. Unit pulse power surge is lower than 1%. Easy control laser dot size, thickness and shape.
2. High quality laser path suitable for delicate marking. Reaching nearest to the limit of diffraction. 
3. High speed 2-3 times over than traditional diode pumped marking machine.
4. Air-cooling smart machine size.
5. Long lifetime. Ultra-low power consumption of 0.5 kw. Efficiency conversion reach to over 30%.
Vertical rotary cnc fiber laser marking machine sale details:

DEK-vertical rotary fiber laser marking machine
Laser Power
Laser Wavelength
Marking Range
Minimum Line Width
Minimum Character
Marking Depth
0 ~0.5mm
Engraving Line Speed
Repeatability Accuracy
Beam Quality
Marking Format
Graphics, Text, Bar Codes, Two-dimensional Code, Automatically
 Marking the Date,Batchnumber,Serialnumber,Frequency,etc.
Graphic Format Supported
Working Voltage
Unit Power
Use of the Environment
Clean and Dust Free or Dust less
Working Condition:Humidity
5%-75%,Free of Condensed Water
Laser Module Life
>100000 hours

Cnc fiber laser marking machine for plastic samples:

Applicable industry:
Widely used in: plastic pervious to light button, IC chip, digital product components, precision machinery, jewelry first act the role ofing, sanitary ware, measuring tools, watches and clocks, glasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, five gold tools, mobile phone communication components, automobile and motorcycle parts, plastic products, and other high precision product label.

1. How to find the suitable laser machine ?
Please contact us, we will advise you according your requirement,or send the material to us, we will make sample for you.
2. What is the minimum order quantity?
One set of machine.
3. What is payment term?
30% deposit, 100% T/T berfore shippment.
If you are interested in our cnc vertical rotary fiber laser marking machine, or have any question about the fiber laser plastic marking machine, please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company as soon as possible. We are support service 24 hours online.



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