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Laser Engraving Wood
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Laser Engraving Wood

Cnc laser for wood from China DEKJ-9060

China Dekcel independent research development cnc laser machine suitable for engraving on wood,the characteristic for sale: advanced performance, easy operation, strong compatibility and so on

laser engraving wood

Cnc laser for wood main features
1. Adopted DSP digital control technology integrated frame structure to ensure the work stability.
2. USB data interface can support heat play . Quick data transitting without taking up computer resource Chinese & English edition liguid display can make it easy for user to operate.
3.Can be restored from power off , resume on break point. 
4.Up&down worktable makes the Z-axis move up and down automatically max height 450mm, so that to process some thick materials.
5.Imported Taiwan high speed square linear guide rail, the life can reach about more than 20 years
6.Unique metal laser optic lens which make laser beam more powerful and better.
7.The front and back of the machine is open which is possible for longer material, break through the limit of the work piece length.
Technical Parameter

Model NO.

DEKJ-9060 cnc laser for wood

Cutting Area

900 x 600mm

Laser Power


Laser Type

CO2 Sealed Laser Tube,Water-cooled,10.6um

Engraving Speed


Laser Output

1-100% Software Setting

Reposition Accuracy


Power Supply

220V/50HZ , 110V/60HZ

Operating Temperature

0 - 45°C

Operating Humidity

5 - 95%

Min. Shaping Character

English 1.0 x 1.0mm

Graphic Format Supported


Software Supported

TAJIMA, CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD

Driving System

2 Phases Stepper Motor

Cooling Mode

Water-cooling and Protection System

Equipment Dimensions


Net Weight/Gross Weight


Shipping Dimensions

1500 x 1200 x 1300mm

Optional Spare Parts

Up-down Worktable, Rotary Attachment, Red Light Pointer

Recommended Spare Parts

Laser Tube and Lens

Main parts of cnc laser for wood:

co2 laser

Cnc laser for wood applicable industry 
1. Printing and Packing industry: rubber sheet, paper products and so on
2. Artistic gifts: crystal, bamboo, wood plank, rosewood, double color sheet, box crafts, chessboard, marble and so on.
3. Advertising industry: organic glass, double color sheet and other billboards.
4. Garment industry: genuine leather, costume, cloth, fabric and so on.
5. Model industry: construction model, ABS board, aviation and navigation models, wood chips
6. Marble engraving industry: marble, granite, tombstone. 
7. Photographic industry: engraving photos on album, Digital photo paper, plexiglass, acrylic, wood, which will make perfect picture album.
Applicable materials

Cnc laser can engraving and cutting on wood,bamboo, cloth, leather, organic glass, rubber, crystal, marble, tile, jade,ceramic, plastic, glass, mirror, paper, ox horn, MDF and other non metal material.
Cnc laser for wood Samples:

co2 cnc laser engraving on wood



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