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How to maintain the cnc laser cutter machine in summer?

As the temperature rises and air is humid in summer, it is important for user to maintain the cnc laser cutter machine It can not only avoid some small faults, improve the cutting efficiency, but also improve the service life of some parts
How to maintain the cnc laser cutter machine in summer?
Summer is coming, as a laser cutter machine user, how to maintain the cnc laser cutter machine in summer? This article, Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company will tell you.
Avoid condensation:
The temperature of cooling water should not be too different from air temperature. The laser and lenses of cnc laser cutter machine are both used in water cooling. In the cold air, the water will be condensed into ice. When the temperature of the cooling water is below 5-7 degrees at room temperature, the surface of laser and lens will have condensation, which affects the efficiency of the laser and the light transmittance of optical lens greatly, and it has a great influence on the lifetime of laser energy and optical fittings.
The boot order of cnc laser machine in summer:
The shutdown sequence of cnc laser nonmetal cutter machine in summer:

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