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The application of laser marker machine in leather and clothing industry

The cnc laser marker machine can improve the efficiency of processing, which is widely used in the field of fine engraving for various nonmetallic materials Therefore, laser marker machine has been widely used in leather, textile, clothing and shoe making industry in recent years
The application of laser marker machine in leather and clothing industry
As we all known, the laser marking technology is becoming popular with customers more and more. And recent years, the cnc nonmetal laser marker machine is widely used in leather and cloth industry. Why is the laser marker cnc machine so popular?
As a quality laser marker machine user, the cnc laser nonmetal marker machine can be processed on the surface of leather and cloth. However, the advantages of cnc laser marking machine is that it can be quickly carved out of various patterns on the surface of materials. And the operation of cloth leather laser marker machine is flexible, and it does not make any deformation on the surface of leather to reflect the color and texture of the leather itself. So cnc laser leather marker machine is very popular with the manufacturers, such as shoes, bags, leather, handbags, clothes and other processing manufacturers.
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